I Guess This is Where I Tell You About Myself

Welcome to Sports and Other Stuff, a site I started to write about… well, yeah. My name is Andrew Gould, and I have spent five years (and counting) writing about everything from football to baseball to horse racing and Tim Tebow (I know, sorry). As an MLB featured columnist, I have specialized in writing fantasy baseball analysis for the vastly growing sports site. Now I work for their Breaking News and Social Media teams.

I have also recently started to write fantasy baseball articles for FantasyPros, where my rankings have finished among the top 10 of all participating experts in each of the past three seasons. Last year I placed No. 2, which is pretty good considering I tied for third in my main league.

I started this blog as a space to explore my weirdest ideas. The most fun I’ve had came from blending sports with Space Jam, The Simpsons and Arrested Development, so why not keep mixing those interests with rambling pieces five people will enjoy? Yes, I’m counting myself among those five, and that’s my main goal here.

You also can’t take the numbers away from the nerd, so expect some data-driven sports analysis in between random asides about “Homer and The Bat” and Richard Splett pop into my mind. Anybody still here?

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